So you Want to Make Some Changes.

7 May

I have to admit, I’m a big social media person. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest (<-duh).  You name it, I’ve probably got one…possibly two. And my #1 interest when it comes to social media  -aside from wasting hours looking at friend’s of friend’s of friend’s wedding photos in Bermuda- is to be actively involved in the health/fitness/food communities. I’ve followed and friended hundreds of people with these interests, and dude. There is so. much. stuff. out. there. Holy hell.


It recently occurred to me that because of this, taking the first step toward a healthy lifestyle might feel extremely daunting to someone just starting out.  Everywhere you look online there are professional-grade pictures of pomegranate buckwheat this and quinoa flour that; seeds for Omega 6 and that bacteria for gut rot and this rare-but-essential-to-a-long-life-superfruit that is only grown in a small shady portion of the Andes from May 3-16. I mean, really.  Personally, I would probably be pretty intimidated by the so-called “health world.”

So. I have a little secret for ya. Come close and listen up:  none of those photos or meals or inspiring quotes are the definition of “healthy.”  I mean, maybe you decide to get involved, and a few months/years/eons in, you find yourself cruising down the aisles of Whole Foods, effortlessly creating 16 ingredient recipes in your mind as you fill your cart with bottles of E3 Brain On and probiotic sauerkraut. That’s totally cool, and don’t forget to invite me over for dinner.

But forget all that for now.

Today, let’s start with what it really takes to start living a healthier life:  simplicity, people. Baby steps. Big, drastic, overwhelming changes almost never last – to create a permanent change, experts swear on a stack of Bibles-  you gotta start small.

Feeling ready for a healthier lifestyle, but have never made homemade quinoa pasta in your Vitamix?

Consider making little edits to your lifestyle here and there. You might begin by committing to add 2-3 produce items to each meal, and stick with that for a couple of weeks. Want a cookie? Have a cookie, enjoy it, and don’t let it derail your progress.  Just keep adding those veggies. Next, maybe try dialing down the processed foods. Toss a few boxes of Cheeze-Its and replace with some homemade trail mix, or a piece of fruit with some nuts. Add that change in for a couple of weeks. Maybe a few weeks later, once your changes start to feel like routine, hit up good ol’ Pinterest for a homemade energy bar recipe (those are really hot on Pinterest right now).

A healthy life DOES NOT HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED OR OVERTHOUGHT.  Neither do the choices you make,  the food you eat, the workouts you perform -you’re picking up what I’m putting down, right? My point is, don’t be intimidated by what you see out there in the cyber-world. Learning something new is like anything else – a progression. Start small, build slowly, and don’t expect to learn everything overnight.

It will come in time, and before you know it, you’ve got habits. And more new habits.  And before you know it, you’ll be serving that homemade raw vegan brunch you’ve been eyeing on Instagram to 20 of your closest friends.

Or not.





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