Sushi Party, Sans Hangover

31 Mar

As far as I’m concerned, sushi ranks as one of the best foods ever. I could eat it every day, and while I don’t (mercury and such), I definitely have it once a week in some form or another- and I think you should do the same! It can be a super healthy meal option which makes me love it just that much more, but I’ve come a long way from the way I used to eat it. Once upon I time I didn’t take into account the fact that it can actually turn into kind of a caloric nightmare if you’re not careful. Enough of a nightmare that if you’re gonna go balls out, you might as well just go for a Big Mac.

As a rule of thumb, eat sushi as authentically as possible – you won’t see a lot of fried, stuffed-with-random-weirdness rolls while vacationing in Kyoto. (I know because I’ve been, so there). Fresh, clean and simple is the way to go.

To keep your dinner at an A+ health rating, minimize or skip the following:

Tempura Rolls – Tempura = fried. You could also go to KFC if you’re in the mood for fried meat. Just saying.

bad sushi

Cream Cheese Rolls – if Philly rolls are your jam, split an order among a group. But eating the just one order can cost you upward of 400 calories.

Mayo-based rolls- Often, spicy tuna is mixed with mayonnaise. Ask your server if their spicy rolls are made this way and save yourself a sushi-boatload of saturated fat.

Soy Sauce – Welp, soy sauce is basically liquid sodium, and sodium is not my friend at all. Firstly (<- word, swear), it makes my head pound. Secondly, it gives me sausage fingers. Neither of those two things appeal much to me, so I basically avoid it like the plague. Instead I ask for a lemon cut in half and squeeze the juice into a little bowl. Mix it with wasabi and ginger and Just warning ya, you may never reach for the SS again.


Watch Your Rice –  I totally get that you want some rice with your sushi, I really do. But a half cup of rice is has about 200 calories and not a lot of nutritional value, and it sneaks up fast. Many sushi restaurants now have brown rice as an option, so consider swapping out white rice for brown when possible.

Instead, fill up on the following:

Miso Soup- Miso is loaded with antioxidants and full of health benefits, low in calories, and will help fill you up.

Edamame – fun to eat, tasty, high in fiber, protein, Vitamin C + A and Iron, and low in calories.


Yakitori  – even non-sushi eaters will love protein-packed chicken or shrimp skewers cooked over an open flame.

Wasabi + ginger- don’t skip the wasabi! It has anti-inflammatory properties and is linked to lowering cancer risk, while ginger is amazing for the digestive system.

Sashimi & Handrolls. If you love rice, order a roll with rice, but consider skipping the rice on other dishes. Most restaurants will make light-rice or no-rice handrolls, and bulk them up with cucumber and avocado. My go-to’s are spicy salmon or tuna (sans mayo), albacore, & yellowtail: you’ll feel like you’ve fiested, but won’t have to deal with the hangover.

good choice 

no rice handroll




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