So Hot Right Now

19 Mar

A healthy girl’s night out: Ceviche sampler at Red O…followed by grilled shrimp and chicken soft tacos, flank steak and grilled watermelon salad…and skinny margaritas (hi, duh).


Pretty peacock print and smells amazing – who knew Target candles were so yummy? 2

My favorite workout ever, The Lagree Method, at my favorite studio ever, The Studio (MDR)


(photo courtesy of The Studio (MDR)

Tell me that picture alone doesn’t make you want to pop right in and see what’s going on here?!? I mean, if it doesn’t, I really don’t know what to say!!! Anyway, a few of you have asked where my love of all things fitness came from, given the fact that 5 years ago, 99% of my cardio came mostly in the form of what my girlfriends and I then called “wine walks,” (yes, that would be walking with wine) and dancing in clubs until 2am.

Well, here’s the shortened version. I stumbled across this workout about 5 years ago, in a last ditch effort to get in shape for my wedding. I definitely wasn’t into working out (like, at all) back in those days but I wandered in, thinking it was Pilates (it wasn’t).  It was, however, the hardest thing I’d ever done, like “I-might-actually-throw-up-or-faint-publicly” hard, and I looked ridiculous flopping around and doing half the moves incorrectly, blinded by my own sweat. However, I was determined to at least tone up my arms for the wedding so I swallowed my pride and kept at it. But after a couple of weeks, I noticed I was getting strong – something entirely, new to me. I spent my whole life convinced that I was embarrassingly un-athletic so in hindsight, it’s not surprising that the feeling of having strength was much more motivating than being “skinny.” Not only was it was the first time since high school that I was working out consistently, but I was excited to do so. Before I knew it, I had the confidence to start running…and then spinning…and one thing led to another but the point is that despite a lifetime of thinking I was and just not a “fitness person,”  it turns out it just took was finding the right workout (and teacher) to get that particular ball rolling.


A festive St Patty’s day cocktail…or two. Made in blender from basil, lemon juice, coconut sugar, sparkling water and white rum.


The silks at Aerial Physique have been keeping me busy lately – forget a physical workout, all of the wrist and feet wrapping techniques require some legit brainpower too…seriously.



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