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24 Feb


I haven’t been around for a couple of weeks – there have been few things keeping me away from the computer. But one thing I have been doing is testing new recipes – mostly things I’ve picked up from my bestie, Pinterest. I can confidently say I’ve had some epic fails (Cauliflower tortillas, for instance. While it could definitely be operator error, I don’t think they live up to the hype), but am always quite excited to share the wins. Here are my top three for the time being.

The Pin: 30 Minute Thai Turkey Meatballs






Difficulty:  Easy peasy. If you’re a rookie in the kitch and want to really impress a friend/boyfriend/family, make this your meal.

Time Requirement: 30-40 minutes, depending on your dexterity and skill with a knife.

Taste: A+ – the flavors are perfect – if you’ve got a mean taste for Thai food but don’t feel like consuming a s-load of salt and like nine hundred thousand calories, this will definitely satisfy your craving.


1. Truthfully, I had low expectations for this meal after dipping a finger in the sauce prior to cooking it down in the pan. It’s really quite gross this way- in fact, I almost threw out the white flag and tossed it. Chalk it up to being too lazy to pick something up (I was out of food), but hoping for a miracle, I carried on.  After simmering it for about 15 minutes, I would have drank it from a glass. Truth.

2. I made a mess of the meatballs the first time around by failing to squeeze all the water out of the zucchini.  The first couple meatballs were really more like sloppy Joe’s and I ended up having to take the entire glob of meat and wring it through a tea towel. Luckily, this worked, and my balls were saved.

3.  I served this on top of steamed zucchini ribbons because I had them on hand, but other options include Shiritaki noodles, quinoa, brown rice, glass noodles, you get the idea.

Find itHere (

The Pin: Chocolate Cherry Protein Pancakes


Difficulty:  So easy, as long as you’re not the pancake-burner type (to prevent this, keep the heat at medium and spray the pan well). There are only a handful of ingredients so it’s pretty close to impossible to screw these up.

Time Requirement: 15 minutes

Taste: Head over Louboutons in love. I’m obsessed with the combination of chocolate and cherry. Inner Fat Kid used to looove  Chocolate Cherry Blizzards from DQ and could put ’em down like a competitive eater. While the famous protein pancake has been floating around the blogospere for a long time now, this variation is my fave. Hands down.

Notes: The recipe I provided is for the basic protein pancake – to spice this up,  I added 2 tbsp of cocao powder and a light sprinkle of dark chocolate chips to the batter (cacao nibs would totally work too).  I thew about 1/3 frozen dark cherries in a pan over medium heat until they were thawed and the juices were melted, and used as a topping to the pancake.

Also, the banana is not necessary if you want to lower the sugar (since you’re already using cherries and a few choc chips)

Find it: Here (

The Pin: Single Lady Peanut Butter Cookies (Vegan)


Difficulty:  Easy

Time Requirement: About 5 minutes prep, 8-10 minutes cook time

Taste: Despite being fairly healthy, they taste exactly like traditional peanut butter cookies, but making one means no cookie binging. Everybody wins.

Notes: I didn’t have applesauce on hand so I subbed about 1.5″ of a ripe banana, which I could barely taste.

Find itHere (


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