Garlic & Shots

15 Jan

Now you know I love me some turmeric, ginger and lemon juice shots, but lately I’ve been cheating a little bit. I’m into something new and the affection I feel toward it has really taken me by surprise.

Garlic Shots.

Say what you want about it, but they’re amazing. Swear. Sure, maybe garlic conjures up a few less than pleasant images: vampires, bad breath, a bar in London specializing in garlic-laced vodka shots (btw —>>> I am so glad not to be 22 anymore).

But despite Edward, Bella, and raging hangovers, Garlic is the business. Let’s be honest: kale, collards, chard – they’re all front and center these days, so when my husband recently started raving about the health benefits of garlic, my internal dialogue was something like this: “that is so 80’s or something.” But he kept pressing so naturally I did a little bit of research.


Turns out that garlic gives some of your daily greens a run for their money: Allicin, the potent sulfur compound found in raw (<- we’ll get to that) garlic, serves as a very strong antibiotic, even stronger than some of the leading pharmaceuticals. Many legit studies link garlic to cardiovascular health, as it helps lower blood pressure, lower “bad” cholesterol, and increases “good” cholesterol. Garlic is shown to help prevent many types of cancers, and can even help heal alcohol-damaged liver (now I have your attention), along with a laundry list of other exciting stuff.

So here are the catches:  it’s most effective (like, by a significant degree) consumed crushed or chopped…and raw. Then there is the whole breath issue, which makes the idea of chomping on garlic cloves on the way to work sort of a non-thing.

But get over it because lemon juice will cut both the taste AND the bad breath, so you’re out of excuses and free of reasons not to this to your morning routine. Here’s the easiest-ever recipe for my new little morning to-do (BTW- this is a great preventative measure to take at the early onset of a cold!!):

Chop 1-2 cloves of garlic and let sit for 10 minutes (muy imnportnante, as this step  maximizes the health benefits)

After 10 minutes, add to juice of 1 lemon, a teaspoon or so of raw honey, and a good shake of cayenne pepper.

Toss back like your 22-year-old self (sans vodka) and soak in the benefits- if you’re still worried about the taste, finishing with a lemon wedge should do the trick. You know how that works.




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