A Fat-Talk Free 2014

3 Jan

Well hey everyone! It’s been a little while and I’m not gonna lie- I missed you!

I took a few weeks to not work, not write, and spend every spare minute soaking in the holidays with friends and loved ones. I even baked a bunch of sugary, white-floury, milk chocolaty cupcakes and cookies, which were enjoyed guiltlessly. I’m definitely not sweating it – I mean, that’s what the holidays are for, right?

In fact, my New Years Resolution had nothing to do with diets, losing a single pound of holiday weight, or anything that relates to my physical health or appearance in any way. If you must know, I resolved to perfect various flavors of almond milk. True story.

Well, that was my resolution, at first, and I didn’t discard it (I will master you, nut milk, if it’s the last thing I do). But it felt a little anti-climatic, despite last year’s resolution to never make another resolution again. Oops. #NYResolutionFail.

About a week ago, Jess told me about the new Special K campaign, Shhhut Down Fat Talk (watch the video here), which speaks to the fact that we would never mutter “Hey, nice thunder thighs” to our friends/ moms/ sisters/ strangers (I hope).  We pump our friends up, entourage them, and remind them of their inner and outer beauty – so why shouldn’t we do the same to ourselves? What in the world makes it OK to talk to ourselves so negatively?

It’s second nature to be hard on ourselves without even thinking about it and without considering how damaging it is – and how it’s damaging to the people we complain about ourselves to.  When I watched the video I literally got goosebumps – I freaking love it! I’ve written about it before but I can’t stress enough: there is so much negativity floating around out there in terms of body image and it’s refreshing to see something like this being represented by a major brand, no less. The world needs you and your fabulousness- and you really can’t be fabulous if you’re always telling yourself that you aren’t.

Enter my New Years Resolution: only talk to myself the way I’d talk to the people I love…and I think you guys should join me.


Here are a couple of pics from the last day of 2013, which was spent doing a few of my favorite things with a few of my favorite people:





more girls



erin brian







happy new year - Copy

Cheers to a year full of positivity and self love!




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