8 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

12 Nov

by Chelsea Leber

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to workout, you’re not alone! There are a million excuses you can come up with not to workout – you’re too tired, you don’t have time, you can’t afford a gym membership… the list goes on. If you know that you need to workout but lack that extra push, then try these 8 simple tips to help you get started.


Plan your workout. The best time to work out is the time when you’re least likely to be interrupted. So, you decide. Is that in the morning while your family is still asleep? On your lunch hour? Or after you put the kids to bed in the evening? Whenever it is, just pick a time and stick with it. Let’s face it, no one actually has extra time in their day to work out, you have to make time. I recommend exercising first thing in the morning, before life gets in the way. Morning workouts will give you energy and you’ll be more productive. Treat your workouts like an important appointment on your calendar.

Find your soulmate workout. If you don’t enjoy working out, don’t worry! You just haven’t found your soulmate workout yet. Just like dating, there’s something out there for everyone. If you like to dance, try zumba. If you’ve got some aggression to get out, try kick-boxing or cross fit. If you have past injuries, start with yoga, walking or swimming. Get addicted to that high you feel from working out.

Splurge on some new workout gear. If you’re wearing baggy sweats & an over-sized holey tee, it’s time to treat yourself to some cute workout gear and good footwear. It does wonders for your motivation. Doesn’t have to be pricey, just something that makes you feel confident. You’ll work harder and you’ll burn more calories, I promise.

Throw out the scale! It lies. No, seriously, get rid of it. It’s not an accurate measure of your progress. Take measurements and take your “before” photos. Trust me, I know it’s not fun to take photos of yourself, but get in a swimsuit and have someone take front, side and back photos. That way, you can actually see how far you’ve come.

Start strategizing your kitchen. It’s time to toss the junk- it’s true that abs are made in the kitchen! A few basics for good nutrition include lean proteins, healthy snacks, “good” carbs (they’re real! Sweet potatoes, quinoa, and brown rice are a few), VEGGIES & fruit (<- eat these around workout time to burn the sugar).

Focus on healthy snacks – banana & PB, hummus & carrots, celery & PB. Keep non-perishable snacks like almonds and dried cranberries in your purse, desk drawer or in your car, so you’re not tempted when you’re suddenly starving.

Watch out for ALCOHOL. For best results, limit booze to 1 drink per week. I know, I know, that sounds crazy, but I’m not saying you have to give it up completely, just cut back.

Some easy things to cute out?  COFFEE – If you can’t give it up, try and get used to drinking it black. Who doesn’t love a salted caramel mocha with whip, right? But, trust me, the amount of calories in those cups of crack is equal to a double cheeseburger at McDonalds. Enough said.

SODA – Ditch those afternoon sodas. The caffeine withdrawal headaches are brutal, but they only last a few days. Once you give them up, you won’t even feel like you need them anymore.

Treat yourself. Yes, you can cheat, but it must be one and done! If healthy eating is hard, give yourself one CHEAT MEAL a week, and work hard the other six. What’s a ‘cheat meal?’ It’s a PLANNED day, NOT SPUR OF THE MOMENT. And it’s ONE meal, not a whole day of cheating! On Sundays, I look at my week, and I’m really realistic…what day do I have a party, event, night out, or just want a wine night? And I let myself completely enjoy it, no guilt. I want YOU to be realistic, plan it, and then remember to get back on schedule the very next day.

Keep yourself in check. It’s important to know your numbers. You have to know how many calories you’re burning vs how many you’re consuming. I recommend using MyFitnessPal. It’s easy to use, it’s mobile-friendly, and takes the guess work out of tracking your food intake. Most people under-estimate the amount of calories they’re consuming. Studies confirm the more consistently you track your food intake, the more likely you are to lose weight.

Find a workout buddy. Fitness is more fun with friends! When you’re having fun, it doesn’t feel like work. So, ask a friend to join you for a yoga class. Take the kids to the park and play tag. Invite a coworker to go for a walk at lunch. You have to surround yourself with healthy and active people. You need people in your life who will hold you accountable and call you out when you don’t keep your word.


ChelseaChelsea lives in Sacramento with her husband, Dominic, and their boxer, Demi. Helping connect people while motivating them to live a healthier, happier life is her passion. Becoming a Health & Fitness Coach has launched her into a fast-paced whirlwind career that she absolutely LOVES! Having the opportunity to work and be trained by some of the best in the industry is a dream come true. Her home-based fitness business is building a National team of passionate people to join her as they work to reverse the trends of obesity. Chelsea holds an AFAA Certification for Group Exercise and is also a Certified Turbo Kick & PiYo Instructor.

 To join one of Chelsea’s Challenge Groups, check out her website

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