Interview with Hustle+Flow Fitness Owner Nicole Sciacca Anderson

24 Oct

If you live on the Westide (I should clarify: of Los Angeles) and aren’t familiar with Nicole Sciacca Anderson’s hip hop spin class, you’re living under a rock you have absolutely no idea what you’re missing. I first met Nicole a couple of years ago when she and her husband wandered into one of my open houses. My first thought was “my God this girl is in amazing shape,” and my second was, “my God this girl is funny.” In an odd twist of fate, I came to figure out that one of my BFF’s (I have a couple of those) was a devotee of her hip hop spin class , which was taught at a different studio at the time. I ended up taking the class and walked away grinning from ear to ear… not to mention drenched with sweat. The rest was history for this lover of all things hip hop. Not only are her playlists, she’s also a totally rad teacher. The kind who can make you laugh (like, really hard) out loud and mutter obscenities under your breath at the same time. Impressive.

So impressive that she would eventually open her own spin & yoga studio, which would aptly be called Hustle + Flow. H+F is tucked away on Abbot Kinney, more recently known as GQ Magazine’s “coolest street in America.” Welp, her studio fits right in, ’cause cool it is. From the chevron patterned wall in the yoga room to the chalkboard walls and reclaimed wood in the front room, Hustle + Flow is just as rad as Nicole’s taste in tunes. In fact, my only complaint is the fact that my day job makes it tough get to as many classes as I’d like (I’ve started to modify my work from home days so I can get my spin on…truth). Anyhow, Ms Sciacca was adorable enough to spill a few of her dirty little secrets about health, fitness, and what it’s like to own one of the hottest lil fitness studios in LALAland.







So how did you get into spin/yoga? Well prior to a horrible back injury, I danced 5 or 6 hours a day and kept in shape doing all sorts of things. At 25, I herniated and ruptured L4, L5, and S1 with quite a bit of nerve damage through my right calf and foot. At that point, my focus was on healing. I tried spin because I was desperate for cardio that didn’t require too much standing. I tried yoga because one of my dance friends forced me to try her favorite Level 2/3 Music Flow class in Redondo Beach. Let’s just say my first impression of yoga was a packed, sweaty room, with loud music and astonishing gymnastic-type postures. I was just so pissed that I couldn’t keep up that I kept going back.

Did you always know you would open your own fitness studio? I have always wanted to be a business owner. My parents both inspired me at a young age to be my own boss. I loved the concept and had witnessed my father’s journey in opening his own medical practice. Twice. I am also motivated by my clients. I wanted to create the dream space where we could have fun, grow and enjoy one another, day in and day out. I don’t know that I have “pulled it off”. I see this incarnation of Hustle & Flow Fitness as the first step. I don’t want to be in this particular space forever and I know that with the right timing I can expand my brand and facility. I’ve learned more in the past 13 months than I have in 5 years. People will constantly surprise you. Above all that, I know that change is inevitable and sometimes you must embrace change, regardless of how it feels, to grow into your best self.

Hustle and Flow opened around the time you had your first child. Seriously… how did you manage? Oh my good Lord. Honestly, I don’t recommend combining that to anyone. It was the hardest and most exhausting time of my life. I was teaching 10 public classes, had 6 private clients, helping with over night build outs of our space and just being nauseous all day. It was NUTS.

How do you stay balanced? Between your little guy, running a business, and teaching classes, do you actually have time to work out? Hah!! I will be totally candid with you…I am not balanced. I TRY to stay present. That has been one of the biggest lessons for me. If I’m in the moment, I can find something super awesome about “the now”. I have time when my son naps and at this point I can squeeze in a 30-40 minute yoga practice in my living room. I post a ton of these photos on Instagram and Facebook because it’s usually quite comical. Surrounded by Dr. Seuss books and stuffed monkey pacifiers, it’s not exactly the most yogic environment.

Where do you hang in your spare time? Favorite local meal(s)? In my spare time, I try to hit the beach, which is literally a 7 minute walk out my front door. I also like to walk my neighborhood because I LOVE architecture. The homes in the Silver Strand area are all so lovely and unique. One of my all time favorite meals is Shabu Shabu. I am always on the hunt for a great Shabu restaurant. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Tender Greens. I could eat there every day.

Sneak peak at your playlist? Oh geez, I love music. I pretend I’m some kind of rockin’ DJ…right now I’m really feeling:

• Anything on Macklemore’s record.

• Are you sitting down…? Miley Cyrus’s “Do My Thang.” Am I gonna look back at this in 5 years and regret it?  Perhaps.

• Lourde’s “Team”

• Tech N9ne “Fragile” feat. Kendrick Lamar

• Atlas Genius “If So”

Can’t live without beauty product? I am completely reliant on Bobbi Brown under eye concealer and Korres Mascara.

Favorite fitness classes in LA? Yoga and Spin at Hustle & Flow, of course.

 Any advice for someone who is just starting to get into fitness? Nothing worth doing is easy. Your body is a precious vehicle that needs fine tuning. Eat clean, practice or train and REST.


Hustle + Flow is located at 2321 Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, CA.





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