Cycle House 1,000 Calorie Ride

15 Oct

How was everybody’s weekend?

Mine was good. The usual. Couple of movies (Captain Phillips, Gravity- go see both), sushi + drinks with the girls, oh, and a 1,000 calorie burner of a spin class.

That’s right.

I’ve heard about the 1000 calorie ride at Cycle House in West Hollywood for months now. It’s become a rather big deal here in LA.

A few things held me back from going until this point.

1. It’s clear across town. Venice->West Hollywood on a Saturday = ugh.
2. I’ve got my fave spin classes (Hustle and Flow hip hop spin and Soul Cycle) on the Westside, + I’m head over heels obsessed with both.
3.  I’d heard the ride can last up to an hour and a half. Admittedly, there was a fear factor holding me back.

But I got a wild hair up my you know what and agreed to try it out with Jess. I had no idea what to expect.

Welp, turns out it’s a pretty literal name. More on that soon.

So back to business. The studio is super cute.  The staff is adorably friendly and un-intimidating.  Cycle House is also awesomely feel-good: for every ride taken, 2 meals are donated to hungry Americans. They don’t print receipts or use paper (the schedule is written on a giant chalkboard in the hallway), rather than selling bottled water they offer free access to their alkalized water. Love.




BIG interior3

After a quick tour we were dropped off at our bikes. We had been sitting around for few minutes watching the room fill when the executioner instructor walked in (b.t.dubs, his name is Nick and he’s a model and he has a British accent. I’ll leave it at that).  Nick wasted no time giving us the lowdown: A couple of people volunteer to wear heart rate monitors that track calories burnt, which appear to be hooked up to a board outside. The rules were simple: we would ride until the last of the volunteers hit 1k. NBD.

My anxiety was quelled from the second the music started. From there, I have nothing but rave reviews. Here are the highlights:

Music: A++ music and a sick sound system. The music alone had me dancing around on my bike (I know, quite the mental image).

Instructor: Nick is the perfect balance of encouraging and hard core. He shouted out militant demands along the lines of “Get your $hit together!” (which is strangely endearing when spoken in a British accent) but would follow it up with compliments. I’m never one to turn down a compliment.

The Crowd: The riders cheered each other on just enough to be motivating and not annoying. Normally, I’m not one to who get involved in that sort of thing, but strangely, I couldn’t help myself.

The Workout: Amazeballs. We started hard from the beginning, and we were encouraged to ride hard until the end. There’s a quick ab section, some weights, and a short meditation after the first 45 minutes, which Nick promised would help us find our second wind (he was right). By the end I looked as if I had just stepped out of the shower, was completely out of breath and kind of wanted to throw up, but in the most amazing way possible.

Overall? ♥ it. Like totally into it. Incredible class that left me feeling amazing for the rest of the day.  Realistically, a 2pm class in West Hollywood probably isn’ going to fall on my regular roster but I will definitely be back on the days where I need a little something extra.


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