Favorite Things Friday

4 Oct

What I’m currently obsessing over:

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil + Eye Cream
Keihls USE

I’ve always liked Kiehls and I’ve used the Abyssine line for a few years, but per a friend’s recent rave review (<-oh look, alliteration!) , I decided to give the Midnight Recovery Oil + eye care a whirl. The oil is super light so the first time I put it on I wasn’t sure how moisturizing it would actually be. Well, whatever because I was receiving compliments on my skin within a week. There is a noticeable improvement in my skin – the texture improved, it glows more, and I feel more moisturized than I have in months. HUGE FAN, obsessed, amazing, I can’t live without it. I’ve got a relatively large collection of skincare products (welcome to your 30s, ladies) but this is my fave. Hands down. Boom.

Soul Cycle

SC UseLet me preface by explaining that I’m late to post today because I just got home from this bomb.com class.  I was actually hesitant to try it out when it first came to LA because it just sounded a bit gimmicky to me and I had a hard time with the idea of spending $30 a pop. But a friend who knew one of the instructors set us up with a couple of free classes and I begrudgingly gave it a try.  Welp, one class and I was hooked. Dim candlelight, the best damn playlists ever, insanely cool teachers, and despite feeling completely exhausted (like, scrape me off the floor dead tired) by the end, the resulting high is as legit as sex , drugs, and rock and roll – you need to take the class to know what I’m saying here.  I look forward to classes like a kid on Christmas.

The Nike Flyknit

nike flyknitI’ve been ogling these since I saw the first sneak peak of them online. Socks. But shoes. But socks. Yes please.  While they are a version of the Nike Free, which I stopped wearing when I began running long distances, (switched to the Lunar Glide for runs longer than 6 miles), I knew I had to get a pair of these ultra light puppies for my shorter speed runs & HIIT training.  These shoes are freakin’ cool. They’re made from one piece of material and basically feel like running in a sock with soles. I love them, they fit like a glove and offer more stabilization in the ankle. I can’t wait to buy the Lunar Glide version once it’s time for new long distance running shoes. I know my list of obsessions isn’t short, but these are so up there.

Tell me tell me, what are you obsessing over? I need more to think about! 🙂




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