Interview with Pro Beach Volleyball Babe Michelle Williams

1 Oct

The world seems to be made up of two kinds of people:  those people who hated high school and those who loved it.  I belong to the latter group. Despite the delightful ups and downs of being a teenager (sorry mom!), I had great friends, I  loved being cheerleader, I managed to pass my classes (big achievement for an underperformer), and my parents were always generous about my curfew.

It wasn’t ’till I went away to college that I realized my high school experience was a little different than most. Growing up near the ocean meant sunset gatherings at the beach, Jeeps with surfboard racks over BMWs, and it meant sports like volleyball and surfing were just as -if not more- important than football and basketball. I spent a lot of time in high school looking at the girls who played volleyball and wishing that I had a body like, welp, any of them. They were tall and lanky and I swear to God every one of them looked a model, which is pretty freakin’ cool when you’re 17.

My friend Michelle is one of those girls.  She’s a serious babe – tall and gorgeous and she radiates health from the inside out.  Fast forward 15 years and not only is she still an athlete (she spent the past 10 years playing professional beach volleyball), but she still looks like a model.


Michelle was the girl who actually knew early on to avoid processed foods while the rest of us lunched on Pizza Hut bread sticks and sipped Dr Peppers. Our teen years are well behind us and she’s now a mother of two, but she looks better than ever….and was kind enough to share her health and beauty secrets with us.


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Michelle Williams, I currently reside in Carlsbad CA with my husband Mark and 2 little boys, Wyatt (2) and Walker (4 months).  I am a real estate agent and also played professional beach volleyball for the last 10 years. I recently started a new venture with an all natural health, wellness and beauty line called Arbonne and am really excited about it!

As an athlete, have you always been health conscious? How has your outlook on nutrition changed over the years, and have you made any mistakes along the way?

Yes I have always been health conscious, it has always been important for me to get the proper nutrition in my body in order to sustain the demands on my body as a professional athlete, especially while playing volleyball on the sand.  I always have tried to limit processed foods and get a good amount of protein and veggies in my diet while limiting sugars.  As I matured and also most recently became a mom, I have become more aware of keeping my diet as natural and organic as possible.  I used to never look at ingredients and realized some food items that I thought were healthy actually had GMOs or fructose corn syrup, etc.  It’s sad that you really have research the ingredients for yourself since the US FDA does not regulate as well here than it does in other parts of the world.

 What’s your workout schedule look like?

I really like to mix it up so my I don’t ever get bored and so that I am constantly working different muscle groups.  I usually try to do cardio a few times a week by taking a run on the sand or taking my boys out for a run around the neighborhood with the stroller.  I am a HUGE fan of pilates, it is great for core strength and I do like a short circuit of traditional weight training with high reps and moderate weight to stay toned.

Favorite healthy go-to food, and favorite splurge?

One of my favorite healthy snacks is from Trader Joes; lentils mixed with brushetta and served with flaxseed chips, its amazing!  And I can’t live without a little chocolate so I always keep some frozen dark chocolate covered bananas in my freezer when I need to splurge!

As an athlete, protein is crucial. Why do you prefer Vegan over Whey – what’s the difference?

 Whey protein bloats your gut, it is a liquid by product of cheese.  The liver is unable to digest the 3 largest amino acids found in whey protein so it just sits in your gut where it is not absorbed.  Vegan protein (such as rice and cranberry protein) is the most highly absorbed protein and builds muscle faster thus boosting metabolism.  When the protein comes from an animal, we’re ingesting all that comes from the animal which usually includes pesticides, hormones that were injected, etc, yuck!

You’re also a fan of cleanses. Why?

Well because we cant shop for new organs, a cleanse is that necessary “tune up” and oil change!  A cleanse is a restart button that helps support liver and GI tract health to help our bodies eliminate waste.  It also helps make our body more alkaline which is our defense against disease.

Any can’t-live-without beauty products? 

YES!  Could not live without my RE9 Advanced Anti Aging Skincare Regime from Arbonne, my skin really took a beating from being in the sun constantly while playing volleyball on the beach and this skincare line has been my lifesaver!  Also love Arbonne’s primer as it just keeps my skin feeling smooth all day long while soaking in all the antioxidants.

michelle 1
Michelle is a consultant for Arbonne – which I absolutely and wholeheartedly endorse. Aside from being 100% natural and free of chemicals, it’s super effective (I’m obsessed with their Intensive Renewal Serum and Cellular Renewal Masque).  For product information or consultation, contact her at

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