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Clean Eats Cheat Sheet

31 Oct

It’s been pretty busy ’round here lately… I had a birthday over the weekend and have been out like, every single night for the past couple days (mostly eating) and am a little behind on the posts- so, sorry!

Anyway. Recently, I’ve had a couple of people ask me what clean eating means, what it entails, and where to begin. So I thought I’d break it down here for ya, to the best of my ability.


The rules of eating “clean” vary depending on who you ask, but my interpretation is pretty simple: it basically means eating whole and unprocessed foods.

  • Eat food in it’s whole form & skip processed crap. An easy way to do this is to avoid food that comes in boxes or cans.
  • Replace the aforementioned foods with fruits + veggies. Eat as close to nature as possible.
  • Don’t fear fat: healthy fat is…healthy. Fatty fish, avocado, and nuts are your friends. In moderation, duh.
  • Meat- I’m not a vegetarian nor the maker of the eating clean rules, but I will almost always only eat meat that once ate clean too – grass-fed (not nasty GMO corn), free range, yada yada. Personally, I send a little extra money on meat and buy mine at Whole Foods, from local butchers, and most recently, Good Eggs ((<-more on this awesomeness next week). If you’re a dairy eater, buy organic and please, no low-fat Kraft singles or crap of like that…. ew.
  • There are a few trains of thoughts in terms of grains at moment. I happen to be of the “I eat them” (in moderation) school. In their whole forms- so, spelt bread, oats, brown rice etc, if you swing that way.  Skip the white stuff.
  • Put the Grandma Test to use: If your grandmother wouldn’t have recognized an ingredient, don’t eat it.  Pretty basic good rule. And geeze, if you don’t know what the ingredients are, or you can’t pronounce them, it might be a good idear to skip it.

Basically guys, keep it simple. And hey, if you don’t want to keep it simple, don’t! There area a wealth of recipes on the Internet for clean recipes that are anything but boring. Here are a few of my fave blogs for awesome go-to for clean recipes:

Oh She Glows  + My New Roots <- Vegan and amazing!

The Gracious Pantry <-comes with shopping lists – LOVE.

Eat Yourself Skinny

Chocolate Covered Katie (<- Lots of amazing desserts….yum)

And there are literally hundreds + hundreds  more out there.

So yeah, eating clean means you have to cook. Guys, it’s not the end of the world, it doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming. In fact, skipping this vital step in food prep is part of what has made our society more obese. If you can’t find the time to cook because of work, or the kids, or whatever excuse you want to come up with, well, you’re jeopardizing your health in the long run and that’s ya know, sort of a big deal.  Eating clean is super easy once you get the hang of it, and I promise you’ll feel a hundred times better than you do on your weird ass diet.

Have questions or need easy food ideas? Just ask! I’m always happy to share.




Why I choose Paleo for my Family

29 Oct

by Rachele J. ♥

By now I’m sure you have heard of the diet craze over eating “Paleo” aka the hunter/gatherer diet, Paleolithic, primal diet, and a few other crazy names on the internet … But do you really know what this means? Simply, it means to eat as close to the primal source as possible and do the best you can to imitate the way our hunter/gatherer ancestors would have ate. It has been proven that our primal ancestors were healthier, had much less incidence of diseases, and lived a higher quality of life than we are experiencing in our modern day, sedentary lives. This style of living removes all inflammatory food such as grain, legumes, dairy and processed sugar that can mess with everything from your digestion to hormones. Paleo focuses on eating high quality, nutrient rich, and unprocessed foods. My good friend Meg wrote a recent post about why she chooses not to follow this way of eating, and she brought up some great points that I urge you to also read. I wanted a chance to express my experience with going Paleo and I how I feel it has been the best lifestyle change for my family.

In my opinion, food crops have been so dramatically altered over the past few decades and our digestion has not evolved fast enough to process these foods.  My friends, I hate to break it to you, but grains and dairy today are not the same foods your grandparents ate! And it just so happens that grains and dairy are the top genetically modified foods to keep costs low and production rampant.

Now, I am not going to get into the science behind this way of eating, as that is much better left to the true experts out there (and there are plenty!). I will give the disclaimer now…. I am not a health professional who is prescribing this as YOUR only answer to health, or claiming this will save all of mankind. I am just a true believer in this way of living and have witnessed it firsthand help A LOT of people battling with health issues, or just running low on energy each day. The science was well written in my go to book “The Paleo Solution”, by Robb Wolf. He is a brainiac chemist, who explains is hilarious detail, why this is an ideal model of health to follow. Robb comes from a chemistry background (Chico State grad, so you know he’s cool), so he can lay out the “why” for all of you who need those fun details. Robb has saved thousands of lives through his book and my husband happens to be one of them!

Which finally brings me around to the point of why I choose Paleo for my family… Just about 2 years ago my very healthy and fit husband and I went on a trip to Mexico celebrating 30th bday. While on the trip, my husband came down with a bug of some sort and became very ill. His illness did not subside upon our return home, so he did what most people would do and saw our doctor. Hearing that we just got back from Mexico, our doctor decided against running any tests and just threw my husband on a slew of antibiotics to take over the next 2 month. In the meantime my husband was getting worse, had millions of tests run and still nothing came up pin pointing the issue…so more antibiotics he got! Long story short; fast forward a few more agonizing months, thousands of dollars on medical bills, countless doctor visits, and more tests run than a lab rat, PLUS the removal of his gallbladder – and we thought we must be in the clear!! But nope, still not better. Once again, he was put on more meds, diagnosed with the ever-so- popular-doctor code for “I have no idea what’s wrong”, IBS, and told he was probably just thinking all of his symptoms up. Not ONCE was he told maybe what he was eating could be affecting his health and believe me, we asked all the time! We played around ourselves with removing dairy from the diet, with taking just gluten out and certain other food groups, but nothing really seemed to help the digestive issues he was experiencing. The digestive issues, then led into arthritis type pain, trouble sleeping, overall fatigue, and a few other strange symptoms we now blame on a “leaky gut”. Leaky gut, in laymen’s terms, is where there is a breach in your digestive system that causes toxins to start leaking into your body and almost start poisoning you. The final straw for us to make a change came when the doctor tried to up his meds again because they were no longer working. We finally said there has to be another way- another way of dealing with this, besides just loading up on antacids and other prescription medicine which all come with terrible side effects. That’s when we found Robb’s book, and our life changed in such a profound way. Within a few days of removing all grains (not just gluten), his arthritis type pain started going away. He could eat without feeling terrible discomfort and sleep was finally happening again. All of this from FOOD! REAL FOOD!! It took a good few months to fully heal, but each day was better than the last. He slowly stopped taking all medicine over the first few weeks and now is 100% off of any medicine, both over the counter and prescription!!

I have always thought of us as” healthy”, but I now realize that low fat chicken breasts, Subway “whole” grain sandwiches, low fat greek yogurt and egg whites aren’t always the best choices. This health debacle all happened while I was pregnant, and instead of eating cheese laden pizza in front my husband, I decided to be a stellar wife and support him with this Paleo thing. I had my misconceptions from the beginning thinking it was just a fad, a CrossFit thing and a diet loaded with bacon and fat. Was I ever wrong! I jumped right in and finished my pregnancy feeling great and energized! I never experienced swelling, heartburn or any other weird pregnancy side effects I’ve seen so many others go through. Since having our daughter, I have continued to feel energized, got right back into teaching fitness, and the baby weight fell right off. The thing that mattered most to me was not losing the weight, but that I had ENERGY to raise my family and have fun doing it! I am so thrilled to raise my daughter to enjoy the taste of real food and learn what works best for her. Even our dog is eating Paleo and thriving! I now enjoy cooking and feel so much accomplishment putting out food that helps us feel great and stay in prime health.

So, I am not telling you that you must be Paleo or you are going to live a miserable life.  But I am saying if you experience any of the following, you may want to give it a try for just 30 days and see how you feel: GI Issues, heart burn, hormonal imbalances, arthritis pain, asthma, skin irritation such as Eczema, acne, anxiety, low energy levels, thyroid issues or are just looking for a change. Eating Paleo means removing all of the inflammatory food in your diet and feasting on healthy fats, lean and wild meats/seafood, nuts, fruit veggies and tubers. Too much inflammation in the body will cause it to not function properly. By removing these inflammatory foods, you are freeing up the body to run as well oiled machine the way nature intended. It also means getting adequate sleep, managing stress, exercising and getting some sun. It is a complete lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You shop the perimeter of the store and do the best you can! You try and eat food that doesn’t need a label, or where you can pronounce and understand what is in it. Don’t tell the Paleo police, but after my husband healed himself, we have been able to incorporate back some high quality organic dairy, organic corn and the occasional serving of sushi rice. We choose to live gluten free all of time and Paleo as much as we can. It is not as black and white as you may think and more about finding the best food to fuel your body and keep you feeling, looking and performing your best.

If you are still reading this, I thank you for giving me a chance to put out the other side of what “Paleo” is to my family. As much pain as we went through over that year battle with health, it was a blessing in disguise. So many people are battling with being sick and just take it as a normal part of life. It doesn’t have to be that way. Food can be your most powerful medicine or your strongest form of poison! We have now found optimal health for “us”, and have been able to help so many others save the endless doctor visits and stress of not feeling well. You can find great recipe ideas all over the web or at my Facebook page. Don’t focus on what you can’t have, but rather all the amazing, real food you can now feast on!



Links to Die For

25 Oct

Whether your hosting, attending, or even just crashing (you devil), get costume party perfect with the Internet’s most adorable Halloween hacks.


1. Homemade vegan Halloween treats will absolutely be concocted in my kitchen this weekend. Helloooo, homemade Snickers! (CCK)

2. The most adorable Halloween themed bottle labels everrrrr. (

3. Some sexy DIY that can adorn your walls all year long (The Glitter Guide)

4. Bleeding Heart Martinis: I’ll take two please, bartender.

5. The perfect day-after recovery brekkie. (Cupcakes+Cashmere)

6. Vamp it up: How to to perfect your sexy pout. (Total Beauty)

7. Awwww…. precious dressed up puppies. (Puppy In Training)

Yeah. So I’m obsessed with dressing up my dog, sue me. As if I’m going to let Halloween pass by without busting his Halloween Skirt out of the dress up box. My husband is always grumbling at me for dressing the poodle up in such beautiful couture despite being a male, but as far as I’m concerned, when Cody specifically chooses his Halloween tutu from the toybox and drops it at my feet (after shaking it up a bit), he’s begging to wear it and we have to support that. #progressivefamily




(he’s the cutest, I know.)

8. These freaking adorbs skull + crossbone dishes are a perfect price, and just begging me to throw a Halloween soiree.

9. The best of the best no-carve pumpkins: a chic alternative for your klutzy friends and lovahs who really should not be handling anything sharp enough to cut through a gourd.  (Brit+Co)

10. A Halloween playlist that is actually not lame. (Apartment Therapy)

Interview with Hustle+Flow Fitness Owner Nicole Sciacca Anderson

24 Oct

If you live on the Westide (I should clarify: of Los Angeles) and aren’t familiar with Nicole Sciacca Anderson’s hip hop spin class, you’re living under a rock you have absolutely no idea what you’re missing. I first met Nicole a couple of years ago when she and her husband wandered into one of my open houses. My first thought was “my God this girl is in amazing shape,” and my second was, “my God this girl is funny.” In an odd twist of fate, I came to figure out that one of my BFF’s (I have a couple of those) was a devotee of her hip hop spin class , which was taught at a different studio at the time. I ended up taking the class and walked away grinning from ear to ear… not to mention drenched with sweat. The rest was history for this lover of all things hip hop. Not only are her playlists, she’s also a totally rad teacher. The kind who can make you laugh (like, really hard) out loud and mutter obscenities under your breath at the same time. Impressive.

So impressive that she would eventually open her own spin & yoga studio, which would aptly be called Hustle + Flow. H+F is tucked away on Abbot Kinney, more recently known as GQ Magazine’s “coolest street in America.” Welp, her studio fits right in, ’cause cool it is. From the chevron patterned wall in the yoga room to the chalkboard walls and reclaimed wood in the front room, Hustle + Flow is just as rad as Nicole’s taste in tunes. In fact, my only complaint is the fact that my day job makes it tough get to as many classes as I’d like (I’ve started to modify my work from home days so I can get my spin on…truth). Anyhow, Ms Sciacca was adorable enough to spill a few of her dirty little secrets about health, fitness, and what it’s like to own one of the hottest lil fitness studios in LALAland.







So how did you get into spin/yoga? Well prior to a horrible back injury, I danced 5 or 6 hours a day and kept in shape doing all sorts of things. At 25, I herniated and ruptured L4, L5, and S1 with quite a bit of nerve damage through my right calf and foot. At that point, my focus was on healing. I tried spin because I was desperate for cardio that didn’t require too much standing. I tried yoga because one of my dance friends forced me to try her favorite Level 2/3 Music Flow class in Redondo Beach. Let’s just say my first impression of yoga was a packed, sweaty room, with loud music and astonishing gymnastic-type postures. I was just so pissed that I couldn’t keep up that I kept going back.

Did you always know you would open your own fitness studio? I have always wanted to be a business owner. My parents both inspired me at a young age to be my own boss. I loved the concept and had witnessed my father’s journey in opening his own medical practice. Twice. I am also motivated by my clients. I wanted to create the dream space where we could have fun, grow and enjoy one another, day in and day out. I don’t know that I have “pulled it off”. I see this incarnation of Hustle & Flow Fitness as the first step. I don’t want to be in this particular space forever and I know that with the right timing I can expand my brand and facility. I’ve learned more in the past 13 months than I have in 5 years. People will constantly surprise you. Above all that, I know that change is inevitable and sometimes you must embrace change, regardless of how it feels, to grow into your best self.

Hustle and Flow opened around the time you had your first child. Seriously… how did you manage? Oh my good Lord. Honestly, I don’t recommend combining that to anyone. It was the hardest and most exhausting time of my life. I was teaching 10 public classes, had 6 private clients, helping with over night build outs of our space and just being nauseous all day. It was NUTS.

How do you stay balanced? Between your little guy, running a business, and teaching classes, do you actually have time to work out? Hah!! I will be totally candid with you…I am not balanced. I TRY to stay present. That has been one of the biggest lessons for me. If I’m in the moment, I can find something super awesome about “the now”. I have time when my son naps and at this point I can squeeze in a 30-40 minute yoga practice in my living room. I post a ton of these photos on Instagram and Facebook because it’s usually quite comical. Surrounded by Dr. Seuss books and stuffed monkey pacifiers, it’s not exactly the most yogic environment.

Where do you hang in your spare time? Favorite local meal(s)? In my spare time, I try to hit the beach, which is literally a 7 minute walk out my front door. I also like to walk my neighborhood because I LOVE architecture. The homes in the Silver Strand area are all so lovely and unique. One of my all time favorite meals is Shabu Shabu. I am always on the hunt for a great Shabu restaurant. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Tender Greens. I could eat there every day.

Sneak peak at your playlist? Oh geez, I love music. I pretend I’m some kind of rockin’ DJ…right now I’m really feeling:

• Anything on Macklemore’s record.

• Are you sitting down…? Miley Cyrus’s “Do My Thang.” Am I gonna look back at this in 5 years and regret it?  Perhaps.

• Lourde’s “Team”

• Tech N9ne “Fragile” feat. Kendrick Lamar

• Atlas Genius “If So”

Can’t live without beauty product? I am completely reliant on Bobbi Brown under eye concealer and Korres Mascara.

Favorite fitness classes in LA? Yoga and Spin at Hustle & Flow, of course.

 Any advice for someone who is just starting to get into fitness? Nothing worth doing is easy. Your body is a precious vehicle that needs fine tuning. Eat clean, practice or train and REST.


Hustle + Flow is located at 2321 Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, CA.




Protein Powder: It’s Not Just for Bodybuilders

22 Oct

One of my BFF’s has the sickest, leanest muscles you’ve ever seen, so of course I’m constantly nagging the poor thing for tips and tricks. One thing I noticed when we first started working out together is that she doesn’t leave home without her shaker and some protein mixed with water (ew, I know). But she’s a trainer and knows what she’s talking about, so naturally I jumped on board with her little practice, and what a difference I saw!

Post-workout protein is super, super key so listen up. If you’re going to put the time and energy into a workout, you might as well maximize the effects. Right? Like, I assume you want the ultimate return on your investment. Here’s why it helps to guzzle a protein shake within 20 minutes of your workout.

1. Speed Up Recovery of those Purdy Muscles. When you work out, your muscles get little tiny tears. When those lil’ tears heal, welp, that’s how your muscles develop – giving you that tight, toned look (I assume you’re going for that?). Consuming protein with 20 minutes or so feeds your muscles amino acids + helps speed up the process.

2. Prevent Muscle Loss Ewwie- what? Yep, that’s a thing. If your body is going through physiological stress (and if you work out, you’re putting your body through physiological stress, trust), it requires protein to maintain those sweet triceps. If you don’t get something in your system pretty quickly after a good sweat, well, here’s the non-scientific version: your body will cannibalize itself. Blech.

3. Protein is Good for the Immune System. It’s cold + flu season. The gym, well, it’s kinda germy. ‘Nuff said.

4. Protein is Good for Your Bones. For the love of all things holychoose a protein powder with calcium. I know you can’t see your skeleton and it might not seem as important as having a perky butt, but trust me, one broken ankle and you can kiss that perky butt goodbye for a long, long time.

5. Prevent Post-Workout Binge. Let’s face it. You worked out hard. You’re gonna be starving, and it might not be mealtime. Protein stabilizes your blood sugar and keeps that savage hunger at bay.



I know not everyone has the palette or desire to throw back a big thick shot of protein powder and water. There are quite a few (and by that I mean hundreds of thousands, conservatively) recipes for protein shakes and smoothies floating around out there, but I’ve noticed that the majority of them -although they look delish- are pretty calorie heavy. If you’re just looking for a way to dress up your run of the mill protein and not swap it for a meal, here are a couple of my faves floating around 200 calories (feel free to add your sweetener of choice, if you want it):

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake

1 Scoop Raw Naturals protein powder (chocolate)

1-2 tbsp PB2 powdered peanut butter

1 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Milk

Good shake of cinnamon

Sprinkle of cacao nibs

Pumpkin Protein (x calories)

1 scoop protein powder of choice (vanilla)

1 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk

2 tbsp (or to taste) organic canned pumpkin

1 tsp Pumpkin Pie spice

shake of cinnamon

shake of nutmeg

Super Food Protein Smoothie

1 scoop protein powder (vanilla or chocolate)

1 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/2 c frozen mixed berries

large handfull spinach and/or kale

1 tsp chia seeds

Why I Won’t Go Paleo

21 Oct

Every year before my birthday I start toying with the idea of going on some sort of a diet. You know, to make sure I start the next year of my life extra proud of myself and in the best possible shape. Now I should mention that I can’t remember a single year in which I actually followed through and stuck to this. Diets are so not my thing. It usually goes something like this: days 1-3, awesome. Day 4 – Phone call from  husband or a friend asking “hey, do you feel like Mexican?” Me: “Absolutely. I’ll pick you up in an hour.” So I just don’t do well with “dieting” and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. But that didn’t stop me from poking around and perusing the Internet for some ideas. Naturally, the first (and only, I should note) option I looked at was the Paleo Diet.

Why? Because Iit seems like everywhere I look, a reference to “Paleo” is jumping out at me. My Facebook feed boasts pics of friends who’ve dropped 20 pounds from “going Paleo.”Pinterest (aka, my favorite Friday night) is littered with pictures of Paleo-friendly recipes.  I’ve even tailored a handful of the recipes I post to various outlets to fit Paleo standards, because it’s just all. over. the. place.

After a little bit of research, I realized the idea of the Paleo diet was bugging me and I wasn’t sure why. The truth is, all diets bug me and it only took about 30 seconds of poking around before I realized that a birthday diet just wasn’t gonna happen. But I did have the pleasure of realizing just how jam packed the Interwebs are full of Paleo this and Paleo that.


Paleo outlaws the consumption of grains, legumes, even quiona, based on plenty of valid research that they’re not as good for us as we’d like to believe.  I understand that Paleo diehards carry all sorts of data about the pitfalls of lectins, saponins, and phytic acids in their back pockets, but guys, let’s call a spade a spade. For every bit of “valid” research, there’s an equal amount of valid research to the contrary. Eat olive oil  // don’t eat olive oil. “Good” carbs are necessary for brain function // carbs are the scourge of society. Eat soy to prevent cancer // soy is linked with cancer. Beans are a superfood and excellent source of protein// beans will  leech nutrients and do strange things to your insulin levels if you eat them. Eat lean grass fed meat for a long healthy life //people who eat a mostly plant based diet have a much lower risk of cancer.


It’s no wonder we look toward the latest books and diets to save us. We want direction, and we want hand holding.

Which is precisely what Paleo does. It gives us a detailed outline of what not to eat and why. It (brilliantly) attached itself to CrossFit which has really helped garner the media attention that it needed. But it’s my personal opinion that in order to differentiate itself from any other successfully mass marketed diets, Paleo had to exclude something new – in this case, legumes, some seeds, all grains. Of course, duh,  it will work for some people and will probably work very well. In fact for some people, it’s probably a perfect solution. My problem lies in the fact that it’s not marketed to “some people.”  It’s a widely marketed diet plan essentially stepping in and, regardless of intentions, is making the claim that Paleo is the new dietary gospel, the end-all-be-all of diets that will turn your freaking world upside down. And that’s the kind of stuff that has the power to shape a cultural outlook on food in general.

Let’s flashback to the 80’s in a little trip down memory lane: we were told to stay far away from fat- all fat. Avocados were the devil in a little green suit. We ate plates of spaghetti in soupy, sugary, low-fat tomato sauce. Fat-free everything in the quest for perfect health. And this idea became truth because it was scientifically proven, until it wasn’t anymore. Fast forward 10 years to the 90’s.  A gentleman by the name of Atkins used new scientific proof to convince us of the opposite: carbs are the real devil, not avocados. The doctors and scientists had it all wrong! Go ahead and indulge: top your steak with cheese, toss your salads in ranch, garnish with bacon (you could pluck the low-carb disciples out of a crowd: they were skinny, saggy looking peeps with terrible breath).  It became a widely accepted truth that fat and meat are good, carbs are bad, because it was proven.

The the carbs-are-the-enemy craze had finally began to slow down. We were even beginning to embrace some complex carbs: oatmeal, potatoes, beans, when enter Paleo, calling for the elimination of all of the aforementioned. Even quinoa is banned because of the concentration of saponins (a compound that can be toxic in high amounts).  But spoiler alert: many of these nutritional claims are surrounded in controversy and contradiction. Lectins in beans can be greatly reduced by proper preparation and soaking overnight – there is still plenty of “research” supporting the consumption of legumes. Most of the saponins in quinoa are removed in the washing process (most commercially sold quinoa is pre-washed) and some journals claim the toxicity is negligible in human. Others even state that saponins are phytonutrients and help fight off cancer and heart disease.  Oh, and in the spirit of looking at contradictions (<-see what I did there?), wine is high in saponins, however, many Paleo dieters validate it’s eligibility and deem it acceptable because it is not a grain.


Am I trying to trying  make a statement one way or another about how healthy beans or quinoa are or aren’t? Ummmm….no.  I’m a blogger, not a scientist. I’m just pointing out the fact that I think we forget that science is always evolving. New studies rule out old studies, and newer findings challenge the latest studies. And every time a new idea gets widely adopted, we’re left even more confused and frustrated. We feel lied to and our outlook and relationship with food becomes even more complex. So wtf are we supposed to do about it?

Call me crazy, but at some point I think it comes down to common sense. Instead of relying on the latest trend in dieting and letting it be your end-all-be-all, take a deep breath and realize there is more than one way to skin a cat. Look around the world as an example. The French and Italians eat carbs. They eat white freakin’ flour every day for the love of God. Like hello, gluten, they must all be dying. But hey, about that – they’re not. They have more longevity and lower obesity than their diet-crazed frenemies across the pond. Look at the Okinawan people (Okinawa is an island near Japan, btw). Their dietary staples include soy and white rice, two foods that are demonized here in the US. But these guys have the longest lifespans on the planet. Like, they practically live forever. So what gives?

It’s my belief that as individuals, no two people are the same and we all have different nutritional needs. Spoken as a health enthusiast and (again) not a scientist,  I think principles of Paleo sound pretty respectable: lots of greens, nothing processed and no sugary yucko stuff. I’ve heard amazing testaments about this diet – in fact, one of our writers, Rachele, shared with me that her husband gave it a shot despite her early skepticism. He had a leaky gut, a gluten sensitivity, and a host of other health problems. And 30 days on Paleo completely turned his life around. So I’m not saying, DON’T do Paleo, cause clearly, it’s the right answer for many people.  And BTW – it’s pretty freaking cool when you can solve a health issue using food.

But no Quinoa, no beans, no oatmeal? That doesn’t work for me. Not only does my body tolerate all of the aforementioned foods absolutely fine, but they help me thrive. When I’m regularly running long distances a bowl of oatmeal makes all the difference in my performance. I eat (rinsed) quinoa a couple week in place of meat, with absolutely zero adverse effects and I have a difficult time believing it’s going to cost me my long-term health. There are other things I’ll cut out of my life (such as the stress that comes from over-thinking what goes in my mouth!) to add to my longevity.

Broadly demonizing whole, real foods or cutting out entire food groups seems dangerous. It’s confusing, the mass adaptation of dietary theories can have lasting effects and seriously, eventually we’re all going to fly off our rockers one of these days because we’re so confused about what the heck to eat. I think preaching that beans and oatmeal are making you an unhealthy fat@ss is kind of redick… because ummm…sitting on your butt all day watching TV with your hand in a bag of Doritos is making you an unhealthy fat@ss (unless you’re really, really lucky). It’s time to pull your common sense out of your you-know-what’s, people. There is no single best diet. There is not one diet for everyone. There is no quick fix. Learn what works for you, get in touch with your body and feed it what makes you feel your best. For me, that doesn’t happen to be Paleo.

And this year as my birthday gift to myself, I’m swearing off those ridiculous birthday diets. The end.

Health Tips from ‘Round the Web

18 Oct


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5. Happy birthday to me! I can’t wait to make this adorably tiny raw hazelnut cake for 2. (DAMY Health)

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