It’s Fitspo, Yo

24 Sep


I was completely in the dark about about the concept of “fitspo” until one of my besties enlightened me about it a month or so ago.

She texted me a pic of a totally hot, super cut woman in a bikini, the text reading, “I want to look like this.”

I texted back “duh.”

This is the story of how I learned about the existence of hundreds of Instagram accounts that strictly  post “fitspo” (not to be confused with “thinspo”) pics like this. (FYI, those words are short for “fitspiration” or…come on, you got this…”thinspiration”)  When she told me she followed the account, I immediately did too. And then followed a dozen or so more. I figured it would be good motivation.

So this shiz is EVERYWHERE. Now that I’m aware of it I notice it all over the Interwebs, particularly on social media. I don’t really do much Instagramming (so, my spell check just corrected my spelling of “Instagramming”…really? I’m 100% confident that isn’t a real word), but when I do, my feed is now full of super toned, super, tan, bikini or skimpy workout clothing clad women and extremely muscular men flexin’ away for the camera with their way serious faces. Some days, it motivates me to get my butt out the door. And honestly, on other days it just makes me feel not so great.

I just can’t decide what to think about it. On many levels, the increasing exposure of fitspo pics is a good thing, as it’s definitely a great alt to “thinspo” (oy).  If you have the time, willpower, and guidance, that kind of body is something attainable, unlike being a 6′ tall Victoria Secret Angel with God-given genes and ridiculous cheekbones, and for the most part these women don’t appear to be underweight, just like, way freaking toned.

On the other hand, could overexposure become harmful since it really does take an extraordinary amount of willpower and dedication for most people to look that way? Is it just more glorification of a single body type?  I’m leaning toward the idea that it’s better than ya know, heroine chic, but I’m still not completely sure how I feel.

So I’m curious you guys…Fitspo: helpful or harmful? Share your thoughts.


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