Your Virtual Trainer is Here.

19 Sep

So here is just about the coolest thing ummm, ever.

Skype Personal Training.

My super hottie friend Rachele of Fantastically Fresh and Fit is a babe in high demand. She’s a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and a brand new mom to the most adorable baby you’ve ever seen.

R is clearly dedicated to her fabulously fit lifestyle, but between jobs in an office, as a fitness instructor/ trainer, as a wife and as a new mama, she’s all too familiar with the feeling of not having time to squeeze in a workout. Which, needless to say, is totally sucky. When you’re balancing a hundred things, driving to the gym to fart around for a while, work out for an hour and drive back home can eat into precious family/work time. So Ms. Genius here has come up with the greatest idea since the invent of the plank, for you superwomen who’ve had to put your workouts on the backburner (sniff).

Meet your new virtual trainer, Rachele Jaegers.

Rachele has brilliantly set up a totally customized virtual personal training program via Skype, that allows the busiest of bees to squeeze in a good sweat without even leaving the house.

I’m going to list the 9 million cool things about this. Well, I’ll list the highlights, because I know you’re slammed.

1. Personalized Goal Setting: Before you even get started,  Rachele will “meet” you online to determine your fitness goals – be it strength, weight loss, flexibility, endurance, or any combination thereof, so that she can tailor your workout to meet your needs.

3. Totally, Amazingly Efficient: She then takes your goals and creates a personalized, super effective kick-ass 30 minute workout that you can do without even leaving your living room. She will meet with you 8 times via Skype for 30 minute sessions.

4. The Cost is $159 for 4 hours of personal training. Compare that to any trainer you’ve ever considered and you’re officially out of excuses to sign up.

5. She’s Freaking Amazing. Seriously, I can’t think of many people who’s fitness advice I’d rather follow. Superwoman R was out hiking like, 3 days after bringing home her newborn.. #Idol-status. (<- yes, I used a hashtag. Deal with it)


I don’t believe this picture needs any explanation.


If you’re one of the gazillions of time-strapped chicas (or chicos) who is just dying to get back in the swing of things, this is the gig for you. I’m already on board for session #1,  which begins in November.

For more information, email Rachele at, or like her FB page and send the girl a message.

See you in cyberspace!


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