TBT: Jessica Simpson’s Daisy Duke Workout

11 Sep

Remember when Jessica Simpson looked like this?

Ass 1

Duh, of course you do.

JS is a serious hottie, 100% of the time. To the nasty articles about her weight fluctuations and post-baby body, I say, up yours because the woman a sex bomb. End of story.

But it was widely known that Ms Simpson worked her freaking ass off (pun intended) for her Dukes of Hazzard booty. That’s what we women of the naturally flatter-butted type have to do. It’s an unfortunate reality for some of us.

I’ve been on a butt-building mission and it popped into my head that thanks to the magic of the Interwebs, I could refer to her booty-sculpting secrets for my own perusal. Voila, Throwback Thursday is born.

So either shake what your mama gave you or take matters into your own hands.  Give this legit workout a whirl if you want to grow, sculpt, or perkify your own ass. Twerk!

Jessica Simpson’s Daisy Duke Workout:

Treadmill – running for eight minutes at 6.5mph to warm the legs up for intensive leg work
Bodyweight squats: A few sets of 2–25 squats, followed by dumbbell rows while in squat position
Reverse Lunges: 2 – 3 sets per leg of 12 lunges
Squat Jumps – plyometric set of squats with a dynamic jump up afterwards.
Bicep Curls while standing in a Lunge position – 18 reps. This is super-setted with;
Lateral Raises from a Lunge Position (switch leg position) 1 set of 18 reps. This superset is done for 3 sets
Dumbbell Triceps Extension (laying on back): 2 – 3 sets of 20 reps
Treadmill – running for eight minutes at 6.5mph
Incline Crunches: 20 reps
Prone Kneeling Leg Extensions: 2-3 sets per leg x 18 reps per set
Treadmill: 7 minutes of gentle jogging to cool down
Forward Lunges: 2 – 3 sets of 20 reps
Travelling (walking) Lunges: These are just lunges but instead of staying in place you walk across the room. If this is too easy, try doing it holding a pair of dumbbells at your side


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