Tar + Roses

26 Aug

Just call me a late adapter.

For months now I’ve been told that Tar + Roses is the place to eat on the Westside by people who would know.

I’ve been in a rotation of restaurants strictly between Rose and Pico for a while now;  it’s as if there’s an electric fence that keeps me from going any further north than M Street Kitchen.

However, when the waiters at Supurba start recognizing you on the streets you know  it’s probably a good sign that it’s time to  expand the horizons.

I finally was forced to get my act together when my friend Jess saw Tar + Roses on Bravo and decided that the time had come to drive the extra mile north.  And don’t I feel like dumbass of the year because this. place. is. redick.

The menu had so much amazingness on it that we really didn’t know where to start and the waiter was shocked at the amount of food we ordered, but we still were worried about missing certain items. Luckily, T+R has made it into the rotation…or might be the rotation until we try the while menu. In the words of Arnold….I’ll be back.

Our neighbors stared as we dug right into the Bone Marrow.



My favorite dining partner

Octopus skewersocto

Oxtail Dumplingsdumplings

Beef Pho-Capraccio & Sugar Cube Melon (speck, burrata, melon, and Marcona almonds)

Melons + Carpacio

Wood fired Cauliflower & Beets with Tarragon and Feta.

Cauli1 I didn’t even mention the dessert, which was easily one of the best sweets I’ve had in a very long time.


The only downside was not being able to try everything on the menu. We drooled at every plate that came by and something tells me I’ll be back inappropriately soon for the ricotta gnocci, whole fish for two, roasted carrots with creme fraiche, and popped corn with bacon, brown sugar, and chili. Just a feeling!


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