The Easiest Jam Recipe Ever

19 Aug

I’ve been curious about making my own jam for a couple of years now.

But the whole canning/ pectin / gelatin / boiling combo overwhelmed me every time I started to research. It just struck me as very complicated and mostly for people who also had gardens from which to pick the fruit.  So jam never made the cut with me in my kitchen.

Until now.

I got a text from my friend Julia the other day with these simple instructions.  When I say simple, I mean like level 1 beginner status. Cody could do it, and he’s a maltipoo. So I knew I wouldn’t screw this one up.

There are only three (3!) ingredients that you just may have lying around your house.

It takes like 2 minutes, its as easy as toasting bread, and it’s an antioxidant powerhouse! Blueberries and chia seeds, you’re so hot right now.

It’s delish with almond butter on oatmeal. I’m sure it’s amazing on Ezekiel bread. Anyway give it a whirl and don’t tell your friends that it literally took you like 3.5 minutes to make, just let them believe that you’re BFFs with Martha Stewart and that you’ve got a blueberry garden on your patio. No worries.


1 cup blueberries or fruit of choice

1 Tbsp pure maple syrup or honey

1 Tbsp chia seeds (soaked in 2 tbsp of H20 for 10 minutes)

Blend in your food processor / Vitamix. Put in cute obligatory mason jar. Post pics all over Facebook. Eat.


2 Responses to “The Easiest Jam Recipe Ever”


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