Seawheeze Prep, part 1.

29 Jul

No Meatless Monday today (copy + paste: “vegetarian recipes” to search bar. You’re welcome). I hope you’re not devastated but in appreciation of your understanding I promise to post a recipe for an amazeballs raw pineapple cheesecake that I devoured over the weekend.

In other news, I’m flying to Vancouver in 2 weeks to run the Sea Wheeze half marathon and I’m going to be honest – I’m already trying to decide what to pack.

Seawheeze is Lululemon’s event but I must admit, I was at the Nike last week for new kicks and I have found myself absolutely obsessed with the new Nike vintage line.

Like I will definitely be going back for some gear ASAP.

I digress.  Back to shopping/ purchasing/packing: Here’s what I’m leaning toward  so far:


Nike Vintage tank, Nike Flyknit running shoes, Michi Hydracrop leggings, and Lululemon Go With the Flow Bag

venice vancouver

Topshop LA Burnout Vest, Lululemon Speed Short, Aviator Nation The Weekender Cord Bag, Nike Free 3.0

Clothing aside, I’ve got a few other very serious issues to consider such as my number 2 priority (second only to shopping, oh, and finishing the race):  food.

Eating away from home can be tricky. I’m totally a snacker but I like to make my own stuff. I definitely avoid 99.5% of packaged snacks because sorry, they’re super yuck.  That said -there are a couple on my short list that deserve a cheer.

A. Goodbites. You can read more about them here but here’s the Readers Digest version: I usually crave something sweet after dinner and frozen yogurt just can’t happen every night. But these sooo can happen every night + they’re a  way better choice.  Goji berries, hemp seed, spriulina and cacao. No soy, agave, or gluten. Party (in your mouth) on, Wayne.


B. DNA Life Bars. Lookie. I admit to having a bit of a battle with protein bars. They’re so  convenient, I get totally distracted by the amount of protein they contain, and I have become accustomed to tolerate fine, like  the way they taste (sorry. I’m a terrible example of a healthy human being), and well it’s made a lazy girl out of me. The trainer-bestie lectures me constantly about how they are not real food, how I should know better and I do, so in recent months I’ve made an effort to make my own high protein snacks for after working out or stick to a clean protein powder.  So I was sure it was bad news bears when I was recently intro’d to these bad boys. Fortunately (and let me tell you, this made my day), the ingredient list is something I feel good about: clean ingredients, nothing I don’t recognize. If it’s not going to come out of my own kitchen, these are the bars I’m going to eat.

And oh, they taste like cake. On the real.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

DNA Life Bars

C, Justin’s Almond Butter. My favorite flavor ever: Maple. My other favorite flavor ever: Almond Butter. Oh hay, look at you, Maple Almond Butter.  In cute little travel size packets and everything. I will eat you right out of the packet mixed with Plant Fusion Vanilla Bean protein powder (also available in said cute travel size packets) after a workout.  Or any time I guess because I love that shiz.

justins almond butter

Course I’ll be makin’ up some of my own bars n’ balls (oh, stop) to bring on the plane, cause that’s how I do. Here are a couple of my favorite superfood snacks, all pinned neatly to a board for you.  And of course, if I can find a good Green Juice up there, I’m bout it bout it.

Lastly, I’m on a mish to create the best playlist ever. Finishing 13.1 miles will take a couple of power songs toward the end. You can check it out if ya need some music inspo and if you have songs I need to hear, I’m taking suggestions. In the meantime, here are my jams on Spotify. A little bit of everything, if you will.

Alright, I’m out. Happy Monday peeps.



One Response to “Seawheeze Prep, part 1.”

  1. Robert Colvin July 29, 2013 at 5:52 pm #

    Yul need some of that protein stuff well before the end of the run. Eat it before you neet it.


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