Long Weekend Preparedness

3 Jul

I have 4 (four) glorious days off work beginning tomorrow + I’m already overwhelmed, there is just so much to do!

1. A Mani/Pedi is in high order.

I’ve been running a ton and my toenails look…well, not good. In fact, homeless is the word that comes to mind.

2. I’m planning to spend most of the weekend in a bikini.

A bikini on a beach

This requires a little bit of preparation.

I. Hydrate. I pretty much suck at drinking water, even though I’m quiet aware of the positive effects it has on my hair, skin, brain, whatever. But the best way to banish bloat (as I’m sure you know) is to guzzle the stuff…so let the slurpfest commence.

So I'm exaggerative. Sue me.

So I’m exaggerative. Sue me.


II. Airbrush Tan. Nothing makes me feel better than a good airbrushing! I admit, I love laying in the sun but I’ve got skin to keep young looking     -and cancer free- so I always slather up in oh, SPF 378 when I’m getting my vitamin D. Whenever I’m having a moment (yes, the dreaded fat day, we all get them), I go see Karla at Blink Studio in Manhattan Beach. She sprays my worries away and I walk out feeling like a stud. Or at least a million times better than I did I walked in all white and pasty-face.

III. Cardio + Tone – we all want to look great in our 4th of July pics, right? I mean there’s always someone who insists on posting them on Instagram so I figure a little bit of cardio and toning will do me right.  My fave pre-bikini workout is  this b*tches Lagree Fitness class (add her on facebook. She’ll tell you her fitness secrets…if you’re lucky.).  All it takes is 50 minutes to tighten, tone, blast a ton of calories and end up soaking in your own sweat. It’s awesome, I promise.


This is the Megaformer. You might hate your life for 50 minutes (I doubt it) but you’ll love the way your ass looks afterwards.

3. Outfit selection.

I’m thinking stripes, navy, sundresses, flip flops, platforms – the online search has begun. I’m currently leaning toward a striped little Brandy Melville mini, but it’s only Monday.

My pinterest crush (the outfit, not the girl, although she's hot too) this week...stars and stripes forever!

My pinterest crush (the outfit, not the girl, although she’s hot too) this week…stars and stripes forever!

4. Menu Planning.  

The 4th of July is one of my favorite food weekends but it’s not a holiday where I feel the need to go crazy splurging on all sorts of fattening processed things. I’m not much of a burger girl to begin with, but why would I shove chips and onion dip down my throat when there is yumminess like grilled chicken, pesto shrimp, watermelon, peaches, hummus, and cucumber salads at every BBQ in sight? I’m on a mission to do some killer vegan baked goods this year (I’m thinking the white bean brownies again, and a strawberry rhubarb crumble made of oat flour that was a hit the last time I made it), some dips (white bean hummus, pico de gallo, and vegan cookie dough dip <- yes I said that) and some homemade skinny cocktail mixes…’cause why drink your calories when you can eat them?

The Food Network (aka, my favorite TV station) shows us that the 4th of July totally can be a healthy holiday without sacrifice.

The Food Network (aka, my favorite TV station) shows us that the 4th of July totally can be a healthy holiday without sacrifice.


And that’s about it. I’ve got T-24  hours to get it all together, so I’m off!




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